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Webinar Alert: A New Standard of Practice in Transitions of Care

Join the distinguished Dr. Brian Jack, hosted by Irving Stackpole, on September 19 at 12:00 PM EDT for the inaugural webinar of our series. Dr. Jack will present "A New Standard of Practice in Transitions of Care". This is a significant opportunity to learn from the pioneers of Project RED and gain insights into improving healthcare delivery systems.


Care transitions pose major challenges within healthcare delivery systems worldwide. Ineffective communication, medication errors, lack of coordination, and poor patient understanding, among other issues, contribute to negative patient outcomes and wasteful resource allocation. Thankfully, there is substantial research showing how to reduce these preventable errors.

Webinar - The Key to Enhanced Care Transition:

As part of the Project RED webinar series, "A New Standard of Practice in Transitions of Care" aims to highlight the potential solutions to these recurring issues. The webinar aims to educate policy, operations, and medical professionals on the 13 principles of Project RED, best-in-class transitions of care implementation, proven patient engagement practices, and effective care coordination practices.

Benefits of Attending:

By attending, participants will learn proven methods to achieve the Triple Aim: better health outcomes, improved patient experience, and reduced costs. They'll also get practical solutions to avoid readmission penalties and knowledge on translating research into actionable strategies.

Solving Critical Challenges:

This webinar addresses specific challenges in healthcare, such as the substantial financial burden caused by unnecessary and inappropriate hospital readmissions, hospital penalties for readmitting patients beyond national standards, and the impact of poorly managed care transitions on patients, families, and staff.

Revolutionizing Transitions of Care with Project RED:

Project RED stands at the forefront of transforming care transitions. Its proven principles and practices have been successful in reducing readmissions, improving patient outcomes, increasing patient and family engagement, and boosting staff satisfaction, all while making substantial cost savings.

Dr. Brian Jack's Insights:

Dr. Brian Jack, a pioneer in care transitions, will share valuable insights on practical ways to gain stakeholder buy-in, effective care coordination practices, and translating research into tangible strategies.

Impressive Impact of Project RED:

Under the visionary guidance of Dr. Brian Jack and his dedicated research team, Project RED (Re-Engineered Discharges) was developed as a revolutionary discharge process. Their pioneering work has substantially reduced hospital readmissions while concurrently enhancing patient outcomes.

A testament to the effectiveness of Project RED is clearly illustrated in the significant reduction of hospitalization rates within 30 days of discharge from the Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). With the implementation of Project RED, the hospitalization rate plummeted from 18.9% to a mere 10.2%. This is a monumental step forward in the persistent quest to optimize patient care and resource utilization within the healthcare sector.

Join us for our upcoming webinar and get firsthand insights into how Project RED can make a substantial difference in your healthcare delivery system. Reserve your spot now!

Together, We Make a Difference:

Join us on September 19th at 12:00 PM EDT to be part of the positive change in healthcare delivery systems. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn about best practices in care transitions through Project RED's proven principles. Dr. Brian Jack's presentation, "A New Standard of Practice in Transitions of Care" will offer valuable insights into the practical implementation of these principles.

Brian Jack speaking at the 2023 Reducing Hospital Readmissions Congress


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