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Consulting Services

Harnessing the power of Project RED for Care Transitions

Project RED principles have proven effective improving patient care outcomes, preventing unnecessary readmissions and improving staff satisfaction. Our consulting services leverage these principles to measurably improve the discharge process and transitions between / among hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities, home care and home.

PRS Solutions Consutling

Project RED Solutions' specializes in improving transitions of care, reducing preventable readmissions, and enhancing patient, family and staff satisfaction. Led by Dr. Brian Jack, Principal Investigator for Project RED, our team of experts brings extensive experience in healthcare process improvement and care management transitions.

Why Choose Project RED Solutions for Hospital Process Improvement?

Unparalleled Expertise: Our team consists of experienced professionals who specialize in healthcare process improvement projects across all verticals. We understand the challenges involved in care management transitions and have the knowledge to provide comprehensive and effective solutions.


Customized Approach: Each healthcare provider and its care environment is unique. We tailor our consulting services to meet your specific requirements and goals, focusing on improving patient care and optimizing the discharge and transitions of care processes.


Measurable Outcomes: Our goals include reducing preventable readmissions, improving patient, family and staff satisfaction. We work closely with our clients to establish benchmarks and monitor progress, ensuring that our collaboration leads to tangible improvements in care transitions and discharge outcomes.


Extensive Network: In addition to Dr. Brian Jack, our network includes a diverse group of experts in hospital IT solutions, discharge processes, and care management. This collective expertise allows us to offer comprehensive support for your organization's needs.

Interested in Learning More about Hospital Process Improvement?

To explore how Project RED Solutions' consulting services can benefit your organization and enhance the discharge process, we invite you to get in touch with us. Please fill out our contact form. One of our dedicated representatives will promptly respond to you to discuss your specific requirements, including discharge care, patient satisfaction, and care transitions.

We look forward to partnering with you to drive positive change, improve patient care, and reduce readmissions through the implementation of Project RED principles. Together, we can optimize the hospital discharge process and ensure smooth transitions of care for your patients.

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