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  • Elizabeth Ziemba

Register TODAY! International Transitions of Care: Best Practices, Wednesday, 21 February 2024, 12:00 PM EST

with Dr. Colleen Morley & Irving Stackpole

Transitions in healthcare from one location to another (for example, from hospital to home) are critical times in every patient’s healthcare journey, especially for medical travelers. After the patient’s surgery or treatment, there is usually an important time of recovery, with follow-up appointments and careful watchfulness. Too often, the patient or her caregivers do not understand what to look for during recuperation, and who to contact if something goes wrong.

  • Are the follow-up appointments scheduled and kept?

  • Does the patient know which medicines to take, and can she get them?

Care transitions are filled with potential problems, and for medical travelers to a foreign destination, transitions of care are additionally complicated. Evidence of these breakdowns in medical tourism are appearing with disturbing frequency. 

In this second program of a four-part series, we will look at the basic principles of care transitions and how these are applied in practice. We will look at international best practices, where and how these are being applied, and how healthcare providers can improve each patient’s journey. The outcomes will be better coordinated care, higher patient satisfaction and greater customer & patient loyalty.


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