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  • Elizabeth Ziemba

REGISTER TODAY! International Care Transitions: Insurance & Risk Management Solutions

Health tourism and medical travel – where individuals travel to access health and medical care - has been increasing, as the travel markets return to normal after the pandemic. With this growth in health and medical travel, there has been interest in the relationship between these markets and health insurance.

  • Does private medical insurance cover health or medical travel?

  • How do health insurance providers look at or view medical travel?

  • What are the important issues, from the health insurance providers point of view?

  • What role can technology provide for providers and insurers?

All health or medical procedures comes with some level of risk. Traveling to access health or medical services adds to that risk in ways that are of great interest to providers, intermediaries and health insurance providers.

This program will look at the intersection of health tourism and medical travel, with the markets for private medical insurance. We will look particularly at the transitions of care for health and medical travelers as they return to their home locations, after having received medical care.


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