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Irving Stackpole expert-led sessions

Irving Stackpole, RRT, M.Ed.

Project RED Solutions team member, Mr. Irving Stackpole, RRT, M.Ed.


Mr. Stackpole leverages decades of practical clinical experience with Project RED principles and innovations such as the conversational agent, to improve communications, increase staff efficiencies and expedite systems-based and behavioral changes in complex healthcare settings. 


Irving has led cross-continuum collaborations in health and social care among acute care, post-acute care, home healthcare, home and community-based services, pharmacy services, medical equipment and behavioral health - developing recognized innovations in transitions of care and social determinants of health in the United States and the United Kingdom. His operational and market-facing innovations have broken down barriers between and among providers, consumers and intermediaries (regulators & insurance companies), leading to greater efficiencies, improved access and lower costs.  Among these innovations in the US is a nationally recognized healthcare navigator program, which received a prestigious Cares Act grant in 2020.


Irving Stackpole has held leadership positions for global organizations such as the Massachusetts General Hospital, Kimberly Quality Care, Tenet Healthcare, as well as hundreds of consulting clients on five continents as President of Stackpole & Associates, Inc. Mr. Stackpole has worked with technology start-ups and disruptors to  push forward interoperability among health and social care systems. Stackpole & Associates holds a patent in healthcare monitoring technology with the United States Trademark & Patent Office (USTPO).

Irving is internationally recognized for expertise in market research and marketing, expanding access to health and social care. He is published in peer-reviewed and trade publications and is quoted in news channels such as The Financial Times, The New York Times, Forbes and others. Mr. Stackpole holds a bachelor’s degree from Stonehill College, a Master's degree from Northeastern University, a Certificate in Advanced Statistical Process Control from Worcester Polytechnic Institute as well as appointments with several European and US universities. 

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